Emmerdale spoilers: Charity to fake a miscarriage – and pretend that Megan is to blame

"Unfortunately for Megan, she falls right into Charity's trap," says actress Gaynor Faye

Unscrupulous Charity (Emma Atkins) is to have a secret termination, but will fake a miscarriage in order to explain why she is no longer pregnant.


In scenes to be shown next week, a spat between Charity and Megan soon turns physical. But Charity soon comes up with a way to get the upper hand: 

“They’re arguing about the wedding and Megan is saying that Charity only got pregnant because she’s after Declan’s money,” says actress Gaynor Faye. “Megan goes to walk out and Charity grabs her. When Megan then pulls her arm away, Charity overbalances and falls. Unfortunately for Megan, she falls right into Charity’s trap.”

At the hospital, the doctors confirm that they cannot find a heartbeat for Charity’s baby, with only the viewers at home aware that she has already had a termination. So does Megan have any suspicions about what Charity is up to?

“I don’t think Charity’s twisted plan would even enter Megan’s mind,” continues Faye. “The moment that Charity fell was probably the worst day ever for Megan. She feels desperately sorry and the guilt weighs heavily on her shoulders. Megan doesn’t want to be responsible for her brother losing another child. She doesn’t want anyone to lose a baby, but definitely not her brother.”

For the moment, it appears that Charity is keeping quiet about the fact that she fell as a result of a fight with Megan. But will she end up using the secret as leverage in their ongoing fight over Declan’s welfare? 

“This is a massive thing for Declan, so there would be hell to play if he found out. His ambition in life is to have a child, so his loyalty is with Charity. Megan could be forced out of the village and she could lose everything. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.”