Emmerdale spoilers: Alicia and David steal Leyla’s inheritance cash – Natalie Anderson interview

"Alicia does feel guilty about not telling the truth. Her gut instinct is actually to tell the truth. But David reminds Alicia about the debt Leyla left him with"

A row over money is to leave several Emmerdale regulars drenched next week, including Natalie Anderson, whose character Alicia Metcalfe feels the wrath of an angry Woolpack customer.


“I had about 19 drinks thrown over me in one day,” reveals Anderson. “I was wet through.”

The confrontation comes after Alicia discovers that she has been left a £70,000 inheritance. But she is confused: she never knew a Keith Cheesedale who supposedly left her the money in his will.

But as David (Matthew Wolfenden) and Alicia wonder how to spend the mystery money, Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) mentions her recently deceased boss ‘Cheesy’. Later on – and a good while after the penny has dropped – a woman called Tina arrives at the pub and throws a drink over Alicia, accusing her of screwing her out of her husband’s inheritance.

“The woman’s furious and she says that Alicia has taken her money and had it away with her husband. At that moment, Leyla realises that she’s also been fiddled out of some dosh and chucks another drink over Alicia,” laughs Anderson.

So why have Alicia and David kept quiet about Leyla up to this point about Leyla being the intended recipient of the money?

“Alicia does feel guilty about not telling the truth. Her gut instinct is actually to tell the truth. But David reminds Alicia about the debt Leyla left him with. Alicia adores David and Leyla left him close to a breakdown. So it’s a bit of payback. And Alicia knows that Leyla is one for squandering money.”

But everyone is to get a shock when young Jacob finds a novel way of settling the issue. When David, Alicia and Leyla realise that the cash has vanished, it isn’t long before they’ve tracked Jakey down to the riverbank where he’s flinging notes into the water.

“It’s a very funny scene. Jacob’s on one side of the river chucking the money away and we’re on the other. Leyla is furious and she pushes David in the water to get the money back,” says Anderson. “Alicia is furious with Leyla for pushing David, so she pushes Leyla in. So you have David and Leyla floundering around in the water trying to retrieve this £70,000.”

From the bank, Alicia comes to a realisation and later tells Leyla that the money is all hers. So why the change of heart? “While Leyla and David are scrapping in the river, Alicia sees that Jacob is watching on with a look of disgust on his face. So Alicia realises that all this is hurting her little boy and that no amount is money is worth that. So she says to Leyla that she can keep her money.”

Since David and Alicia finally got together they’ve been beset by no end of problems, what with the resurfacing of Leyla and Priya’s pregnancy. But does Anderson think that they can weather such storms? “Well, Alicia adores David and what Matthew [Wolfenden] and I have enjoyed doing is showing a couple who deal with their problems and get through things rather than just throwing in the towel. So I hope that continues.”