Emmerdale spoilers: Cain takes drastic action to shock Belle – Jeff Hordley interview

With the shining light of the Dingle clan due in court, can Cain get his sister to change her mind about pleading guilty?

Cain has a lot on his plate at the moment – not only is Chas secretly planning his wedding to Moira, but sister Belle is also facing police charges following the death of Gemma. With Cain also fearing that dad Zak is becoming mentally unwell as a result of the stress facing the Dingles, it seems that drastic action is needed. Actor Jeff Hordley explains more…


So, is Cain aware of the increased tensions between James and Moira?
No, he’s not. He’s got so much going on with Belle. Cain’s just putting up with James because he’s needed as part of the business.

Does Cain believe that James really does like Chas?
Yes, I think he’s buying that the pair are becoming an item. He doesn’t feel that James is a threat as far as Moira is concerned. Cain is sure that he and Moira and strong and deal with any cuckoos living in their nest.

How does Cain feel about Chas secretly planning his and Moira’s wedding?
Initially, he’s really naffed off with Chas for doing that. He’s previously said to Moira that the reason why he can’t think about the wedding is because the Dingles are dealing with the situation with Belle. Nobody’s going to be in the mood for partying while that’s going on. But when Chas puts him on the spot, he does change his mind because he recognises that it could provide some relief for the family. So he tells Chas that she can carry on, just as long as she runs everything by him.

So how does Cain feel about the prospect of marrying Moira?
He’s 100 per cent certain that she’s the one for him. They’ve been through so much together and she’s made an honest man of him.

On the topic of Belle pleading guilty – how does Cain feel about that?
He thinks she’s throwing her life away. And he’s also very concerned about Zak because he’s showing signs of having a breakdown again. Of all the Dingles, Belle is the one who’s not like the rest of them. And now she’s falling into the same mould. She’s going to plead guilty for something that was basically an accident – and Cain is really scared and doesn’t want her to do that. He wants to protect her.

What happens when he finds Zak in an emotional state?
He sees that Zak has almost lost the plot. It’s like when he was on that clifftop and not making any sense. Cain is really shocked and it provides the catalyst for him thinking that he has to do something to change Belle’s mind.

So what does he do to try and make Belle change her mind?
He goes on the lookout for Belle, finds her in the café and tells her that her dad’s not taking her to court because he’s not well. Cain then gives her two choices: he’ll either drive her to court so she can be a martyr or he’ll take her to see what’s happening to her dad. So, because she’s worried about Zak, she picks the second option. And Cain ends up driving her to the edge of a cliff and shows her where her dad intended to jump from last year. He says to Belle that if she continues trying to be a hero, then this is where her dad will end up.

Do you think that Cain’s words will help change her mind?
He feels this is the last role of the dice and that he’s taking quite desperate measures. He’s not particularly forceful with her, but there’s a real desperation to the things he says. Hopefully that will change her mind. But whether it does – I don’t know.

We don’t often get to see scenes between Cain and Belle – what’s it been like working with Eden Taylor-Draper?
I feel that she’s no longer a young, child actor. She’s now like one of the more mature, older actors. This storyline has seen her mature and she’s fantastic to work with. I don’t think many people think of Cain and Belle as brother and sister. But this is his little sister and he really does care for her. She’s the one, bright hope for the family. I do hope that they write more for us now.

When Belle arrives at the court, she only has seconds to spare. What’s the mood like for the family?
Absolute panic. Everyone thinks she’s not going to turn up. But Cain has a little word in her ear before she goes in and tells her that the rest is down to her. And then we’ll see what happens in the court…

Regardless of the plea, do you think that the Dingles have a hard road ahead of them?
Well, yes. She could plead guilty, she could plead not guilty – but she might not get off with it either way. Belle feels guilt over what happened to Gemma and also guilt for what could happen to her dad. So she’s in a lose-lose situation.