Emmerdale spoilers: James suspects Adam is his son – first look pictures

Could James's past affair with Moira have had far-reaching repercussions?

Questions of paternity are to be raised at Butler’s Farm in the coming weeks as James Barton (Bill Ward) starts to suspect that nephew Adam (Adam Thomas) could actually be his son.


Memories of James’s past affair with Adam’s mum Moira (Natalie J Robb) resurface in scenes to be shown on Monday 21 April as Katie (Sammy Winward) looks through old photographs of Adam as a child. James is struck by a particular picture of himself with Moira and John.

Bringing back recollections of what happened that night, he persists in reminding Moira of their past feelings. James is quick to make it clear how he is suspicious Adam may not be his nephew after all…