Emmerdale spoilers: Ruby has a miscarriage – Alicya Eyo interview

There's heartache for Ali's partner in the coming weeks when she loses her baby

There’s heartache for Ruby Haswell in the coming weeks when she discovers that she’s pregnant, only to suffer a miscarriage.


“She’s devastated,” says actress Alicya Eyo. “The pregnancy was something she’d set her heart on. As had the family – they were all on board as well. But Ruby doesn’t let much get in her way. At some point, she’s going to get up and say ‘let’s try again’.”

And what of Ali – is she supportive of her partner during her hour of need? “Oh yes, she’s an absolute rock for Ruby, she really is. They’ve already come through so much already and I’ve no doubt that this will only make them stronger.”

In recent months, Emmerdale viewers have seen Ali and Ruby hiring Ali’s ex-husband Dan (Liam Fox) to be a sperm donor. So far, he’s been supportive of their pregnancy plan and Eyo has no doubt that he’ll continue to do what he can following this tragic setback:

“Super Dan will continue to help because he just wants the best for them. It took a lot for him to get over the fact that Ali and Ruby were together, but now we’re all totally a family. He’s well on board.


“And I think it would be good for Ruby to become a parent. Before she moved to the village, she’d always done her own thing and been quite independent. But being around Sean and Amelia has spurred her into believing she’d be a really good mum.”