Emmerdale spoilers: Roxy Shahidi on Leyla and Alicia’s strip club arrest

Sparks fly in an upcoming episode when Alicia discovers what her sister is doing for a living

Alicia (Natalie Anderson) is to get a shock in the coming weeks when she discovers that Leyla is working at a strip club.


“The outfit that Leyla is wearing is absolutely amazing,” reveals Roxy Shahidi, who plays Leyla. “It’s head to toe red PVC with these massive glass platform shoes!”

Unfortunately, Alicia isn’t exactly pleased by her sister’s choice of occupation and takes drastic action. “She actually drags Leyla off the stage by her legs,” continues Shahidi.

Following this confrontation, the atmosphere does start to thaw between the two of them once Alicia starts to feel sorry for her sister’s hopeless situation. But their happiness is short-lived when the police raid the strip club and arrest both Alicia and Leyla on suspicion of soliciting for prostitution!


“These scripts have been the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing on Emmerdale,” says Shahidi, who returned at Christmas after two years away from the ITV soap. “I was really excited about coming back into a great storyline with lovely people like Natalie Anderson. What you get to see on screen are a real catalogue of disasters. But none of it is actually Leyla’s fault.”