Emmerdale spoilers: Moira to get New Year’s Eve proposal from Cain?

Natalie J Robb gives her verdict on Moira's relationship with the soap's bad boy

Is Moira set to receive a romantic proposal from Cain? This New Year’s Eve, it looks as though Cain is going to get down on bended knee when he takes his partner to the B&B for the evening. But is Moira in for letdown?


“The room at the B&B has been transformed and it’s really pretty. There are lanterns all over the place,” reveals actress Natalie J Robb. “But Moira soon gets really embarrassed because what Cain actually wants is to just get her there to have some sex. The farm has become so crowded and Cain wants some privacy.”

The next day, Moira tries to hide her disappointment that no proposal has materialised. But Robb has high hopes that Cain and Moira can continue their relationship into 2014:


“I’d like to see them make it work – I think there’s good chemistry between them and they’re very good sexually. She loves Cain’s dangerous, dark and mysterious side and she also understands his vulnerabilities. They don’t necessarily talk about everything, but she knows him inside out.”