Emmerdale spoilers: Alicia and David’s Christmas wedding day disaster – Natalie Anderson interview

A groom being sick, a bride with singed hair and a jealous ex lurking on the sidelines - what else could possibly go wrong?

Natalie Anderson has revealed that Alicia and David’s forthcoming wedding day will be a catalogue of disasters.


“Nearly everything goes wrong. The best way I can describe it is if you imagine David and Alicia as a pair of tennis players, batting off all the balls that are coming at them very fast. It’s a real comedy of errors,” says the actress.

In scenes to be shown over Christmas, viewers will see David (Matthew Wolfenden) become violently sick, while Val Pollard (Charlie Hardwick) accidentally burns Alicia’s hair during a styling session.

Plus there’s also the matter of a jealous and emotional Priya (Fiona Wade) begging David to call off the wedding during the groom-to-be’s stag night. So what effect does this shock plea have on Alicia’s marriage plans?

“It unsettles Alicia to the point where she’s thinking about calling the wedding off,” continues Anderson. “She calls David and tells him that she doesn’t want it to all be about Priya having a meltdown. But David does a very good job of talking her round.”

Yet despite David’s assurances that Alicia’s big day will go without a hitch, could Priya still wreak revenge? “Well, Priya’s got every reason to. It happened to her on the day before her wedding, plus she’s carrying his child. If she did, I don’t necessarily think it would be about getting one over on Alicia. It would be about spoiling things for David.”

And what has Anderson made of David and Alicia’s will-they-won’t-they relationship during 2013? Is it exciting that they could finally be heading for the wedding altar?


“Well, I’m a massive fan of Jennifer Aniston movies and I feel that the way David and Alicia’s storyline has played out has been very rom com. It’s ticked all my boxes – we’ve had high comedy, high drama with the shooting and romance. I genuinely couldn’t have asked for anything more.”