Emmerdale spoilers: Nicola to be “tempted” by Steve? Preview pictures

Actress Nicola Wheeler admits that her character is envious of Steve's lifestyle

It’s all been getting a bit too close between social climbing Nicola King and horse trainer Steve Harland (Tom Mannion) what with the clandestine financial arrangements and those tipsy business lunches that end with him telling her that she smells gorgeous. But could Nicola really be heading for an affair with her own sister’s boyfriend?


“I haven’t filmed anything along those lines, but there are rumours that she may have a moment of questioning,” admits Nicola Wheeler.

What – even though she loves Jimmy?! “Yes, there could be a moment. She is tempted. She does like the lifestyle he has.”

But next week, viewers will see Bernice (Samantha Giles) confide in her sister that she thinks Steve is seeing another woman. So how does Nicola react to the theory?

“Nicola comforts Bernice and says she’ll keep an eye out. But the problem is that she’s caught in the middle and trapped by her greed. When Steve offered the loan, she did ask him if came with strings and then when he denied it, she took him at his word. Now she owes all this money and he thinks there’s only way she can pay him back.”

So what does the actress think Nicola should do about the situation? “Out him! Admit everything to Jimmy,” says Wheeler. “If that was my sister’s boyfriend, I would want her to know. Nicola should admit her wrongs, say she was greedy, that Steve offered her a lifeline but she didn’t think about the repercussions.”


Yet in staying silent, does Nicola think she can get away with it? “Well, Steve knows to tap into her pride. The minute you stroke Nicola’s ego she’s putty in your hands, which is great to play. I love playing Nicola – buy her a handbag, tell her she is pretty and you can have her. But I think this is going to drive a huge wedge between Nicola and Jimmy because, eventually, all secrets come out. It’s soap!”