Emmerdale spoilers: Debbie plans to kidnap her kids and flee the country – first look pictures

But can Cameron convince her to stay?

Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) has been travelling down a destructive path for quite some time now, alienating her nearest and dearest and getting involved in no end of decidedly dodgy business deals. But when Debbie confesses to landing Belle in hospital after the teen drinks some of her contaminated vodka, it looks to be the final straw.


Pretty soon, Andy is banning her from seeing the children and Debbie is horrified to overhear him talking about custody. Collecting herself, Debbie manipulates Zak into letting her attend Sarah’s prize-giving ceremony, but it seems she is a bigger plan in store – one that involves grabbing clothing and cases.

Zak warns Debbie not to do anything stupid regarding the kids but Debbie keeps her intentions a secret. However, Cameron (Dominic Power) soon works out Debbie is about to do a runner with the children when he hears she’s been loading bags into her car boot. Cameron tries to convince her that taking the kids will only make things worse and it’s clear that he doesn’t want Debbie to go.


So does he have another – altogether more passionate – reason for wanting Debbie to remain? And could they end up quitting the village together? Find out on Friday 4 July.