Emmerdale: Dominic Power on Cameron’s future – “Of course there’s going to be another murder”

When Alex's body comes under threat of being discovered, could it be curtains for Cameron?

There’s fresh stress for murderous Cameron Murray next week when he learns that Alex Moss’s body could well be uncovered.


Cameron, of course, murdered Alex over Christmas 2012 and buried him out at Sparrow Woods. But when Cam discovers that some land at the location has been purchased and looks set to be dug over, he fears that Alex could be lying in a very shallow grave indeed:

“He wants to get out there and find out what’s going on, but he keeps on being delayed by Chas,” reveals Dominic Power, who plays Cameron. “The more the stress builds up, the more things stand in his way.”

But it isn’t too long before he’s dashing off to buy tools and making plans to move Alex’s body to a different location: “By this point, Cameron’s getting good at knowing his way around a hardware shop. It won’t be long before he’s banned from every shop in the country! But, at this point, he’s absolutely bricking it. He’s just thinking moment to moment, but his main panic is to get the body out.”


And if the situation was to go from bad to worse, could Cameron end up killing again to cover his tracks? “Definitely! This is Emmerdale! I can’t see that this killing spree has ended yet. Of course there’s going to be another murder and of course Cameron’s going to do it.”