Emmerdale spoilers: Cameron attacks Robbie and bundles him into a van – first look pictures

Actions look set to spiral out of control in chilling scenes that appear to echo the events of Christmas 2012

How eerily familiar is this image – the sight of Cameron Murray (Dominic Power) bundling an unsuspecting villager into a van? 


In a stark reminder of the events of Christmas 2012 when he took the life of poor Alex Moss, a forthcoming episode sees murderous Cameron hit Robbie Lawson and send him flying into the storage space in the back of his vehicle. 

The shock move comes following a week of ill feeling between the pair that sees Cameron throw Robbie out of the Woolpack after spying him selling scotch to Zak. But a disgruntled Robbie gets his revenge the following night by waving a lighter around in the cellar and threatening to blow up the pub. 

But when Cameron calls his bluff, Robbie takes a chance and makes a run for it. With Cameron in hot pursuit, it isn’t long before Robbie has been apprehended. Now at the mercy of an increasingly volatile Cameron, will Robbie suffer the same fate as Alex? 


Viewers can discover the outcome on Thursday 28 March on ITV.