Emmerdale spoilers: Charity admits to Jai that she slept with Declan – preview pics

Secrets are spilled after Jai returns from France. But will he confess to his own infidelity?

Jai (Chris Bisson) is going to wish he never returned to the village once he hears what wife Charity (Emma Atkins) has to say for herself.


In next week’s episodes, Cameron (Dominic Power) piles the pressure onto Charity after learning of her one-night-stand with Declan (Jason Merrells). His ultimatum? Make it up with Chas (Lucy Pargeter) or he’ll blow Charity’s sordid secret.

With Jai now back home, Charity is feeling tense, especially after Katie (Sammy Winward) invites them both over for dinner with her and Declan. Later at Home Farm, the strain becomes too much for Charity and she tells Declan that she can’t lie to Jai any longer. Making her excuses, she suddenly leaves and when Jai dashes after her, she confesses her infidelity and says she’ll never forgive herself.


A confrontation with Declan then follows, with Declan obviously worried that Jai is going to tell Katie. But Jai, of course, has his own guilty secret having recently fathered Rachel’s (Gemma Oaten) baby. So will he reveal all about that dark chapter in his own past? And will Katie discover the truth about Declan’s actions with Charity?