Emmerdale spoilers: Robbie steals from Moira – preview

Tuesday's episode sees Robbie getting light-fingered on a visit to Butler's Farm

Robbie Lawson’s (Jamie Shelton) efforts to impress Debbie lead to him stealing money from Moira (Natalie J Robb) in scenes to be screened on Tuesday 12 March.


Robbie’s light-fingered antics take place after Cain (Jeff Hordley) undertakes work on Moira’s car at no cost. Angered by her dad doing freebies for his girlfriend, Debbie (Charley Webb), demands that he covers the costs.


However, Robbie – who has been eavesdropping on the heated chat – decides to find his own solution: on a visit to Butler’s Farm, he wastes no time in pocketing an envelope of cash. But will Debbie be pleased when she finds out what he’s done? One thing’s for sure – it’s not going to go down well with Cain…