Emmerdale spoilers: Bernice Blackstock returns – pics and preview

The character will be back on screen on Tuesday 20 November

Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) will make her return to Emmerdale on Tuesday 20 November, it has been confirmed.


The character was last seen on the ITV1 soap back in 2004, but will reappear next week when she surprises mum Diane after turning up at the Woolpack. Diane is stunned to see her daughter, but viewers will see Bernice break down in tears as she reveals that her marriage is crumbling.

Ashley too will be shocked to his ex and wonders whether she has a hidden agenda. The fact that Bernice is acting sheepish and making mysterious phone only adds to his suspicions. 

Samantha Giles recently commented to Daybreak: “I think [she’s back] to cause a bit of havoc and re-bond with Gabby. It’s a good time for her to come back because there’s been so much going on with Ashley.”

Long-time Emmerdale fans will remember that Bernice abandoned both Ashley and their daughter Gabby when she was a baby. But recent ructions in Ashley’s current marriage to Laurel are sure to be exacerbated now that Bernice has returned:


“She’s very selfish,” said Giles of her character. “I don’t think she necessarily means to always be that selfish – I think she’s been brought up as an only child and sometimes that can make people a bit selfish, can’t it?”