Emmerdale: Debbie reels following prison visit to Chas

Actress Charley Webb reveals what happens when her alter-ego goes in search of answers next week

“Fans have been very pro-Debbie for the first time ever,” says actress Charley Webb. “I think she’s got some supporters.” 


It’s no surprise, really, what with the exposure of Cameron and Chas’s affair and the birth of Sarah’s saviour sibling. Next week, things get even more fraught as the day of Sarah’s operation dawns. Unfortunately, when Debbie overhears Charity casting doubts on the possible success of the procedure, it’s more than she can bear: 

“Debbie just can’t cope with any negativity at the moment and Charity bears the brunt of that, really. She’s hiding her own feelings because it’s not definite that everything is going to be OK.”

Then there’s the fact that Debbie chooses to go in search of answers as regards the end of her relationship with Cameron by visiting Chas in prison. So what are Debbie’s feelings as she comes face with the aunt who she feels has betrayed her so badly?

“She doesn’t want to go in there and scream and shout at her. It’s too far gone for that. She just wants to know why. There are a couple of moments where she could possibly punch in her in the face, but she holds back. She’s so disgusted. 

“Debbie just hates her. She’s can’t believe what she’s done and the fact that it’s her best mate and also family makes it a million times worse.” 

And when Debbie learns that Cameron and Chas were planning to run away together before the death of Carl, it seems that there’s little chance of that family relationship being repaired. 


“At the moment, there isn’t even a glimpse of that happening,” admits Webb. “But who knows in the future? They were best mates and maybe something drastic will bring them back together, but I doubt it will be for a very long time.”