Emmerdale spoilers: Cain and Moira kiss, Marlon’s dog could die…and Paddy gets stuck in a canoe

Read a preview and see pics of all the drama from next week's episodes

Paddy has a bad time of it next week and begins to feel like a failure. To begin with, he gets suspended from practising as a vet for six months and admits to Rhona that he fears for their future: “I’ve lost our dreams. I’ve lost my best mate. Now I’ve lost my job. I’m a bit scared that I’m going to lose you too.”


Later in the week, further humiliation gets heaped upon him when he gets stuck in a canoe. “I’m sick of you making me into a sad joke,” he yells at Marlon when his former pal starts taking photographs of him from a nearby bank. 

However, events turn dramatic at the week’s end when Marlon’s dog Daisy is struck by Ashley’s car. After seeking out veterinary assistance, Marlon is told by Paddy that it’s impossible for him to operate due to the suspension. 

At the last second though, Paddy puts his career on the line and agrees to help, telling Marlon to lock the door and scrub up. But can Daisy pull through and will this unite Paddy and Marlon again?

Matters are no less fraught for Gennie, who braves things out with Debbie before having bitter row with Katie. Distressed that Gennie never revealed that Chas was having an affair with Cameron, Katie lets rip: “Obviously you’ve been lying to me for months!” she screams. 

“It wasn’t for me to tell,” replies Gennie. 

Tired of keeping confidences, Gennie then reveals to Declan that Katie set Robbie up for a fall on CCTV. Megan feels that it’s entirely appropriate that Katie gets her just desserts: “It’s about time Lady Penelope got what was coming to her,” she says smugly. 

Katie though is unrepentant about her actions. She tells Declan, “The only thing I’m sorry for is that you found out.” 

But in private, she’s worried that she might well have destroyed her marriage. Will Declan stand by her? Or will Katie’s lies be her undoing?

Chas and Dan are also facing each other with the truth. On a prison visit, Dan confronts his wife about her actions and asks: “Why did you have to ruin my flamin’ life?” Chas explains that she had to kill Carl to stop him from raping her. Dan’s heart breaks as Chas tells him everything about Carl’s blackmail attempt and her holds out his hand for her, his anger dissipated.


Someone definitely getting more than they expected is Moira who visits Tug Ghyll to quiz Cain about Chas. They get close and he kisses her but Moira pulls away and leaves, shaken. Cain goes after her but she is scared that she will not always be able to resist him. “Cain laid waste your life,” Diane reminds her, but will Moira listen to the advice?