Emmerdale 40th anniversary: the storylines so far…

Get up to date with videos of Carl, Chas, Jai, Declan, Cameron and Cain before the birthday episodes begin



“I want my money back or I’m going to blow your little world apart,” says Carl to Chas. It’s a threat that’s sure to have dramatic repercussions over the coming week as Carl seethes on the sidelines as Chas goes ahead with marrying Dan despite the pressure of blackmail hanging over her head. 


“You’re a liar. I’ve had you sussed for a long time.” So says Cain to Cameron. And who can blame him – for a while now, Cameron has been cheating on Cain’s daughter Debbie with Chas. If Cain finds out the truth, it’s not going to end well: “When we do find something, I’ll kill him. And the slag I catch him with,” warns Cain. It sounds like we should be taking him at his word. 

Chas and Cameron

Dan may not be the smartest guy in the village, but even he has his suspicions about Chas: “I love you to bits,” he admits, “but there’s something you’re not telling me.” With Carl goading on the sidelines, it’s doubtful whether Chas’s secret affair with Cameron will remain a secret for long. Will there be ructions at the altar? 

Jai and Charity 

“Last night was a stupid, drunken mistake,” Jai told Rachel, but little did he realise that this one-night-stand would result in a shock pregnancy. Charity is adamant that she doesn’t want children (“I do not want to be the bored, stay-at-home little wife”), but will the fact that Jai is having a child with somebody else stay covered up? As soon as Jai said the line “I’ve got everything right here and I’m so happy”, you just knew it was only a matter of time before things went horribly wrong. 

Declan, Katie and Megan 


“The music festival is our future, yours and mine,” Declan told Katie. As we now know, he was planning on ripping off his sister Megan and diverting all the profits his way. Megan though is no fool: “If he plays it straight, it’s a lie” she comments. So will the Maceys come unstuck in this anniversary week?