Who will die in Emmerdale’s 40th anniversary live episode?

Will it be Alan Turner, Carl King, Declan Macey, Sarah Sugden, Cameron Murray, Paddy Kirk or Betty Eagleton - vote now...

Alan Turner 


Actor Richard Thorp is Emmerdale’s longest-serving cast member, so will the show’s anniversary be marked by Alan’s demise? He hasn’t been at the centre of any recent plots, but this could be a high-profile exit for a loyal member of the community. Alan was an early bookies’ favourite for the chop, but would the show’s producers do this to a character with such longevity? It would certainly make for poignant TV…

Carl King 

He’s the womanizing sleazebag who’s currently making an enemy of virtually everyone. Will Chas and Cameron put up with his attempts at blackmail? Will Jimmy’s rage get the better of him after learning that his brother is selling his house out from under him? And then there’s the fact that Charity is acquiring Carl’s shares in the haulage business…We know that Jimmy and Carl come to blows early next week but could this be a bust-up with deadly consequences?


Declan Macey

He’s the shrewd businessman who knows what he wants and will screw anyone over to get it. Always prepared to be seen as unpopular if it’s good for profits, he may just have sailed too close to the wind after swindling his sister Megan out of the takings from the recent rock concert. “If you think you’re going to get away with it, you’re delusional,” she yells at him during his wedding ceremony to Katie. So will death be parting Declan from his bride sooner than anyone expected?

Sarah Sugden 

Surely they can’t be considering killing Sarah in the birthday week? Little Sarah, daughter of Andy and Debbie, has been diagnosed with Fanconi Anaemia, a genetic disorder in children that causes bone marrow failure and can lead to cancer. She’s currently excited to learn that her mum and dad are going to have another baby, as a saviour sibling, but will Debbie’s labour go to plan and give Sarah the cure she needs? Come on, Emmerdale, don’t do this to us! It ought to be a time for celebration, after all!

Cameron Murray 

He’s been living on the edge for a while now, but if Cameron’s affair with Chas was to be exposed, there’d be no end of people looking to bumping him off. At the head of the queue would be Cain Dingle, who’s always been suspicious of Cameron’s motives where business and relationships are concerned. But let’s not forget that Debbie and Dan would be equally cheesed off. And then there’s the friction between Cameron and Carl: would any confrontation end badly for love rat Cam?

Paddy Kirk

Emmerdale’s vet may be a lovable softy who rarely has a bad word to say about anyone, but just recently he’s been getting on best mate Marlon’s nerves – to the extent where there’s now definite enmity between the pair. The reason? Paddy wants to move to New Zealand with wife Rhona and her son Leo. The trouble is that Leo is also Marlon’s son and he’s not too happy about his boy being uprooted to live on the other side of the world. Could Marlon go to desperate lengths to keep Leo in the village?

Betty Eagleton 


Could Betty’s love of eavesdropping get her into terminal trouble during the anniversary week? Will she overhear furtive plans that mean she’s silenced forever? Actress Paula Tilbrook has been in harness for over 18 years, making Betty the longest serving female character on the show. But maybe 2012 will be the year of her exit? Perhaps this will be the shock demise that nobody really saw coming…