Sharon’s baby to be born during EastEnders 35th anniversary episode?

And is Keanu the father of the child?

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That shocked face says it all – tonight’s EastEnders cliffhanger saw Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) realise that she’s up the duff-duff as she stared open-mouthed at the results of a pregnancy test. But when will her baby be born? And who is the father: husband Phil or toy boy lover Keanu?


Monday’s episode of the BBC1 soap abounded with baby news: first, Louise told Keanu that she hadn’t had a termination and was still expecting his child. Then came the shock reveal that Sharon too is in the faaaamily way, something which, considering her fertility history, is borderline incredible. What fans have yet to find out, though, is whether Keanu is a dad-to-be twice over.

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When do Sharon and Louise give birth?

EastEnders has yet to reveal when the pair’s babies will be born but a casual flick through a calendar offers up a few clues. If the newborns arrive early, we might get some Christmas deliveries. Soaps do, after all, love a nativity parallel – especially when there’s a ‘Who’s the Daddy?’ party game to be played as well. But with EastEnders celebrating its 35th anniversary on 19 February 2020, we wouldn’t put it past them to be planning a birth on the show’s actual birthday.

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What happens in tomorrow’s episode?

Tuesday’s visit to Walford sees the Mitchells attend a long-overdue therapy session, partly to address the violent behaviour of delinquent Denny. But Sharon is struggling to keep her emotions in check as she privately digests her baby bombshell. Unable to share the news with anybody, she later breaks down while alone after the counselling.

A shock scene will then find Sharon secretly researching abortion clinics, only for her actions to be halted when hubby Phil catches her. Believing this means Louise has changed her mind about progressing with her own pregnancy, despite her reunion with Keanu, the Mitchell patriarch demands answers from his panicked wife. Will Sharon be forced to come clean that she’s also expecting?

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What does the cast think of this plotline twist?

“There are so many layers to the story,” Danny Walters (aka Keanu) told recently. ““It’s very complex – what started as this one affair between Keanu and Sharon has roped in so many other characters and now lots of people are involved. The show has done well to keep it going.”

As to whether Keanu’s destiny lies with Louise rather than Sharon, Tilly Keeper added: “I think there will be some happiness for them, but that never lasts long in Walford, does it? We’ll have to see what other curveballs can be thrown their way…”


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