Kellie Bright on Linda and Mick’s EastEnders Christmas – “It’s not done with Stuart”

Will the Carters face a new crisis over the festive season?

Linda (Kellie Bright) and Mick (Danny Dyer) on EastEnders

Mick Carter’s quest for revenge this Christmas on EastEnders will leave wife Linda fearing that he’ll end up back in jail. Danny Dyer will return to the Square in the weeks ahead following Mick’s stint in prison, but unfinished business with Stuart Highway – who tried to frame him for attempted murder – looks set to lead to fresh jeopardy.


Speaking about the Carters’ Christmas, Kellie Bright said: “It’s safe to say that it’s not done with Stuart. There will be a bit of fall out. But Mick isn’t being upfront about anything – everything is under the surface. Linda’s main concern, though, is that Mick will end up in prison.

“She wants to forget about what’s happened, draw a line under it and move on. That’s what she wants, but it can’t happen straight away. Linda isn’t fearful about what her husband could potentially do to Stuart, just where it’s going to land Mick.”

Thankfully, there are no such tensions behind the scenes at EastEnders, with Bright looking forward to seeing co-star Danny Dyer on the London stage in Nativity! The Musical. “I’ve just been talking to him about that on set,” said the actress. “I’m trying to work out when I can take my eldest boy Freddy – it’ll have to be a matinee because I don’t think he’ll last through an evening. But I have to see Danny in it. Of course I do.”

She and Dyer will also be marking five years on EastEnders this Christmas, with the Carters having taken over at the Queen Vic back on Christmas Day 2013.  So does it feel like half a decade since Linda and Mick made their debut?

EastEnders - October - December 2018 - 5834

“Well, I have a theory about life in Walford – I think when you start here, you’re walking into a place where time stands still a little bit. I still wear the same costumes and my hairstyles are still the same. Nothing really changes that much apart from the stories, so you’re sort of in a world where you almost stay the same.

“Which is why, when I saw the Christmas tree going up again in the Square, I just couldn’t believe it. It’s come round so quickly. But then you think about all that’s happened: me and Danny have both got married, I had a baby and there was Strictly Come Dancing. So of course it has to have been five years. But every year just goes quicker.”


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