EastEnders bluff: is Linda luring Stuart into a trap?

Turning her back on Mick in prison might be part of L's master plan

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EastEnders fans are reeling at Linda Carter suddenly believing Mick is guilty of shooting Stuart Highway and cutting all ties with her husband while he rots in prison. But after she confronted sinister Stu tonight, could the landlady actually be constructing a canny, clever and complicated grand plan to make him admit he shot himself?


On Thursday 4 October, Linda visited Stuart in secret and demanded he give his version of what really went down the night he took a bullet in the Queen Vic. He stuck to his story it was definitely Mick who fired the gun and put him in a coma, but fans have already seen him admit to Mick over the phone he is framing his old friend and pulled the trigger himself. Mick tried to tell Linda but confessing he wished he had killed him put doubt in his wife’s mind – or did it?

While Stuart told Linda tonight she didn’t know the real Mick, who he claims had an aggressive and deceitful streak as a kid, L told her nemesis the police had proof where Mick got the gun which makes him look guilty. Stuart seemed shaken by this piece of info and was surprised the cops are already in the know – does this mean he’s got something to hide, and that the complex set-up he’s concocted could somehow unravel because of this development?


Giving the impression she was begrudgingly starting to believe Stuart, Linda left and once the door was shut she began to crumble – was this because she feels Stu’s story compounds Mick’s guilt, or is she putting on an act to get the bald-headed bad boy to trust her so he admits the proper truth, and she was relieved at being able to drop the act for a while?

Back at the Vic, Linda received a frosty reception from Shirley who remains incensed at her daughter-in-law’s betrayal of Mick. But there was something unreadable and ambiguous about Linda’s buttond-up behaviour that makes us suspect she’s playing the long game, trying to lure Stuart into slipping up so she can finally get Mick exonerated. Giving everyone – including Mick himself – the impression she’s genuinely turned her back on him and believes he’s guilty is the perfect cover story.


Tomorrow’s episode sees Linda refuse to take Mick’s call from prison, but will there be any more sneaky visits to Stuart? Of course this is all a wild theory on our part, perhaps we’re just too devastated to face the possibility that Linda and Mick really are over for good…


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