EastEnders: Stuart reveals he shot himself and framed Mick – Ricky Champ reacts to Friday’s twist

“Stuart deserves such a kicking,” says the Walford star

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Evil Stuart Highway has admitted on tonight’s EastEnders that he shot himself in order to frame Mick Carter.


Scenes just shown saw an incarcerated Mick get his hands on a phone in prison and contact Stuart, who continued to wind his former best friend up. After Stuart commented that Linda would get lonely while Mick was in prison, the Queen Vic landlord accused him of turning the gun on himself.

Stuart then admitted that it was true and that he’d staged the shooting in order to set Mick up and rob him of all he holds dear.

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Speaking to RadioTimes.com about the resolution to the mystery, actor Ricky Champ – who plays Stuart – said this evening: “It was crafted as a really great whodunnit because everybody had their reasons and motives. Hopefully, the solution will come as a surprise. Though I am expecting a lot of people to say, ‘I knew it!’ when they actually didn’t.

“As for Stuart, he’ll now allow himself a few moments of satisfaction. But there’s more to come and he’s not finished.”

On the topic of where Stuart could go next, Champ believes that there’s plenty of scope for his character – and the potential for other members of his screen family to be introduced: “Something spectacular must have happened to end his happiness with his wife and family. So there is an unspoken story about why he’s come to Walford in the first place.

“I suppose that could be explored and there are opportunities to have other Highways involved. Stuart is quite a rich character when it comes to potential storylines. There are plenty of directions in which to go in.”

For now, though, Champ must continue to endure fan reaction to Stuart’s vendetta against the Carters, something that hasn’t always endeared him to some viewers.

“I can’t just go out any longer and be anonymous, which is quite a strange feeling.  It’s definitely changed the game. People care about what happens to Mick Carter because Danny Dyer has spent the last half decade crafting this character.

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“So if you mess with Mick, you’re always going to face a backlash. It’s all testament to how good Danny and the rest of the Carters are. As to whether Stuart will get his comeuppance, he probably will. He deserves such a kicking, doesn’t he?”


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