EastEnders airs exit for Donna Yates as Lisa Hammond leaves the cast

Donna departs after a big bust-up with Robbie

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A crestfallen Donna Yates has left Albert Square following a row with partner Robbie Jackson in scenes that bring actress Lisa Hammond’s four-year association with EastEnders to an end. Market stall-holder Donna made her Walford in April 2014 and wasted no time in getting on the wrong side of residents thanks to her abrasive personality. And it was a vendetta against Max Branning and Rainie that ultimately led to strong-willed Donna making her exit in Friday’s episode of the BBC1 soap.


Tonight’s drama saw Robbie fall out with his girlfriend after discovering that she’d tried to set former addict Rainie up by posting an envelope of drugs through her letterbox. Finding it hard to get his head around her actions, Robbie told Donna that he needed time to think about the future of their relationship. But as he brooded on a bench in the Square, little did Robbie realise that Donna was booking herself a taxi to take her out of Walford.

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Paying a visit to see Max, Robbie was told by his uncle that Donna was a good person who had merely made a mistake in letting a feud get out of hand. But when he returned home, Robbie found that it was all too late: Donna had packed her bags and left.

Donna’s departure comes three months after her brother Vincent’s Hubbard’s mysterious disappearance that facilitated actor Richard Blackwood’s leaving storyline. Speaking when her exit was announced back in April, Lisa Hammond said: “I’ve made lifelong friends at EastEnders and will really miss all of the brilliant cast and crew who have always been a pleasure to work with.”


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