EastEnders: Phil tells Kim the truth about Vincent?

Will she finally learn what really happened to her husband?

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EastEnders’ Kim Fox-Hubbard vows to get to the bottom of husband Vincent’s disappearance next week, but as she digs for info a conversation with Phil Mitchell puts everything into perspective – is she about to discover the truth?


Vincent vanished from Albert Square a few weeks ago after agreeing to grass on Phil and gangster Aidan Maguire to the police, only to be abducted by corrupt copper DCI Alsworth who seemingly led the informant to his death, with Kim believing her other half had simply walked out on her and their daughter Pearl after getting himself in a spot of bother.

Next week, a mysterious car with blacked out windows is driving round the Square and driving the locals to distraction they’re being watched, with Mel Owen believing it could be Aidan Maguire back for revenge.

Kim reckons it could have something to do with Vincent’s vanishing act and in Tuesday’s episode she makes a call.

On Thursday, Phil talks to Kim and delivers some truths, pointing out perhaps Vincent did not have a choice in his decision to leave so quickly as he couldn’t cope and had to get out.


The conversation gives Kim food for thought and she realises her man is gone for good, and it’s just her and Pearl from now on – but Kim is unaware of Phil’s involvement in Vincent’s disappearance, as it was him who made the call that the Hubbard hard man was getting into bed with the police.

Is Phil’s chat with Kim his way of easing his conscience now he could have blood on his hands? And is there any hope Vincent is actually still alive, seeing as we never saw anyone pull the trigger…?


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