EastEnders: Mel’s stalker horror – is Aidan back?

The club owner fears someone's out to get her next week


EastEnders is lining up a menacing mystery for Mel Owen next week when she fears a stalker is watching her and worries her son Hunter could be in danger. Does someone have it in for the classy club owner?


Next Tuesday, Mel’s usually cool demeanour is rocked when she spots a car with blacked out windows cruising around the Square and is convinced they’re after her.

When she discovers Hunter hasn’t turned up for school that day, Mrs Owen panics that gangster Aidan Maguire has returned to Walford for revenge on Mel for her part in the heist robbery debacle.

Last seen driven out of town by Phil Mitchell after the locals stood up to him for his aggressive antics, has Aidan been lying in wait these last few months planning to get his own back on the people who betrayed him? Could he have reunited with estranged wife Ciara, Mel’s former sister-in-law who held Hunter to ransom while Mel searched for her missing money?

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While Mel calls her ex in desperation to discover if the creepy car driver is looking for her and is related to the Maguires, the incident also has an effect elsewhere on the Square as Kim Fox-Hubbard worries it could have something to do with husband Vincent’s disappearance, and Mick Carter disturbs an intruder in the barrel store and is attacked by a man in a balaclava – is he the one driving the car?

Or are all these possibilities a red herring for the true identity of the Square stalker?


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