EastEnders: Halfway reveals a tragic secret

The Walford returnee has been hiding something painful


EastEnders saw the return of Callum ‘Halfway’ Highway tonight, and revealed a shocking twist to the character’s comeback in the form of a large wound on his body he’s hiding – the soldier was obviously injured while back on duty, but how did it happen, and why is he keeping it a secret?


Whitney Carter was delighted when her boyfriend turned up unexpectedly in Albert Square, as she’d been fearing for his safety when she couldn’t get hold of him last week and was worried something bad had happened since he got called back up to the army.

And it seems she was right to be concerned, as the usually chirpy chap was clearly troubled and spent most of the episode attempting to conceal an obvious injury, even rejecting Whit’s attempt at seduction leaving her embarrassed and confused.

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Awkwardly shuffling off after failing to arouse her fella and realising he needed time alone, the cliffhanger saw Halfway lift up his top and rip off a huge plaster revealing a large, very painful-looking wound, wincing as he did so.

Tomorrow Halfway opens up to Whitney, but will he reveal the full extent of what he’s been through while on duty? And what will it mean for his future with Whit?


Speaking to RadioTimes.com recently, actor Tony clay teased his character’s secret: “Something’s changed and you start to see him unravel. On the surface, he’s being quite jokey but you begin to wonder what he’s trying to hide.”

Tune in tomorrow to see what’s haunting Halfway since he left the Square…


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