EastEnders: where are Kat’s kids? New twist revealed in Slater mystery

Why is Kat spinning a big lie to Stacey?

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Kat (Jessie Wallace) has left EastEnders with fresh questions about the whereabouts of her children thanks to plotline twist broadcast in Friday’s episode.


Scenes just shown saw Kat vent her fury at Stacey (Lacey Turner) when she discovered that she’d been in contact with Alfie, who has been mysteriously absent ever since the Slaters returned to the Square.

But after a heart to heart, Stacey was left relieved at the sight of Kat on her phone seemingly making arrangements to see her kids.

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At first, all seemed to be going to plan, with Kat heading off to meet with her offspring and later calling Stacey to tell her she’s taking them to the cinema.

But, as the camera pulled back, it was revealed that Kat was in fact sitting by herself on a bench outside a takeaway, with Tommy, Bert and Ernie nowhere to be seen.

So why has Kat lied about the meet-up and where are the children currently residing? All could be revealed soon, with Shane Richie rumoured to be making a brief comeback. But, for now, EastEnders fans have been left with more questions than answers as regards Kat’s family set-up.

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But fear not: you can read our top theories about what happened between Kat and Alfie in Spain here. Are we thinking infidelity, the cover-up of a crime or a tragedy within the Moon clan?

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