EastEnders: is Phil plotting to kill Vincent? And will Aidan be involved?

Could Mr Hubbard be coming to a grisly end?

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Could Phil be making plans to silence Vincent for good? It’s the question that EastEnders fans are bound to be asking tonight after the old Walford warhorse realised that beleaguered Mr Hubbard is currently in cahoots with the local police.


Tuesday’s episode of the BBC1 soap saw Vincent, now with a wire, start pumping people for information on what happened to Luke Browning, only to come to a dead end. After a failed attempt at talking to Phil, Vincent then met with DI Franklin, who told him that he had just 24 hours to find the info or risk going to jail himself. But as the DI left the cafe, Phil was seen sitting in a nearby car observing the drama.

Putting in a call to an unseen contact, Phil informed the person on the other end of the line: “I know I’m the last person you want to hear from, but we’ve got a problem.”

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Viewers have yet to see who Phil was calling, but suspicion will no doubt be rife that he was getting in touch with gangster Aidan Maguire, the one other person who knows how the late Luke met his maker. So could Aidan be making a reappearance to ensure that Vincent keeps quiet? And might he and Phil be forced to go to extreme lengths to keep the murder of Willmott-Brown’s son under wraps?

All we know for sure is that Richard Blackwood is set to leave EastEnders at the climax to this plotline, with the actor himself recently saying of his final scene: “It’s amazing, I’m not going to lie. It was quite emotional when we shot the final scene because everybody I worked with in my final scene is who I also started with, so there was hugging and a bit of tears. But trust me, we made sure that we nailed it so that the audience are speaking about it thereafter.”

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