EastEnders: Mel attacks Michelle in row over Hunter!

Hunter makes an accusation about Michelle's behaviour - which gets her into big trouble

Week 16 Mel and Michelle - Day of TX 1

Michelle Fowler (Jenna Russell) will find that she can’t escape her past on tonight’s EastEnders when she’s accused of seducing ANOTHER student. A notorious 2017 plotline on the BBC1 soap saw Michelle have a fling with pupil Preston Cooper – and her reputation looks set to get her into fresh trouble this evening.


Having been asked by Mel to tutor Hunter, Michelle will get a shock when she turns up at the house and catches the troubled teen in a clinch with Louise. The pair beg her not to say anything, but when Michelle later tells Mel that she doesn’t think home tutoring is for her, Hunter is immediately questioned about what happened.

Week 16 Mel and Michelle - Day of TX 2

Knowing about what went on last year and not wanting to admit the truth, Hunter tells his mum that Michelle made a move on him. Cue a showdown that sees Mel storming over to confront Michelle. And as tempers flare, Mel is soon taking matters into her own hands…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of this week’s drama on EastEnders below. Beneath that, there’s our Week in Walford review show.


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