EastEnders: Whitney gets revenge on Woody in the best possible way

It's safe to say this romance is officially over


EastEnders’ Whitney Carter turned the tables on ex-boyfriend Woody Woodward when she dumped him the same way he ended their relationship – by leaving a note at the tube station!


In tonight’s episode, Whit seemed to be wavering when Woody begged for a second chance having returned to Walford after abandoning her last November when the couple were on the verge of leaving for a new life together in Spain.


Stung by the humiliation she endured by finding a note pinned on the London Underground map at Walford East station when she went to meet her man telling her she was better off without him, Whitney soon moved on with ex-husband Lee’s old army Callum ‘Halfway’ Highway, who is soon to return himself to rekindle their burgeoning romance.


Concerned Whitney was throwing away a chance of happiness with Halfway when she heard her former daughter-in-law arrange to meet Woody later that afternoon to get the tube into town, Linda had a word warning her not to get hurt again – just as furious Woody banged on the door and revealed he’d been waiting for Whit and found a note dumping him, exactly like he did to her.

Taking control and telling Woody to sling his hook after getting a taste of his own medicine, Whitney now has closure ready for Halfway’s imminent comeback – but considering her romantic track record, will the tragedy magnet make it work this time?

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