EastEnders: what is Kat and Hayley’s big secret? Five theories about what happened in Spain

There's a reason why Kat's not seeing her kids - and she doesn't want anyone to know…


Kat Moon is hiding something big, and Hayley Slater knows what it is. Judging by her reaction in tonight’s EastEnders when Hayley threatened to reveal all, whatever Kat is keeping quiet about must be pretty juicy. So what did happen in Spain?


Long-lost lairy Slater girl Hayley returned to Albert Square tonight demanding dosh Big Mo Harris stole from her after their dodgy deal with some SIM cards (is there anyone in the world Mo doesn’t owe money to?).

Kat was far from pleased to see Hayley, especially when she started sniffing around Martin Fowler again, and collared her in the café ordering her to leave town – but Hayley refused to go without her wonga, and threatened to tell everyone what really went on in Spain, and the real reason Kat came back to Walford without her kids…

While Kat’s hoping some aggro and a bit of hair-pulling persuaded Hayley to keep her trap shut, we’re wondering what went on prior to Kat’s comeback. Will any of these theories turn out to be true?


Kat and Hayley committed a crime?
The fact scary Hayley knows what Kat’s hiding suggests she’s in on whatever it is, which means they could be on the run having done something illegal on the Costa del Crime. If Kat’s got to lie low for a bit that would explain why she can’t see her kids. Although isn’t Hayley supposed to live in Clacton? Maybe she’s got a Spanish timeshare.

Kat cheated on Alfie?
At the end of the episode Kat declined a call from suspiciously absent husband Alfie and hit the bottle at the sight of his name on her phone’s display screen. Alfie has to be involved in her secret, and the mystery deepens next week when Stacey tries to contact him: did Kat do the dirty on her old man and flee Spain to escape the shame? And came to Walford via Hayley’s in Clacton, which also fits in with her sending Hayley to honey trap Martin a few months ago? Is Kat’s fella the Russian bloke supposedly running a bar with Alfie?


Alfie cheated on Kat?
It could be the other way round – maybe Alfie got fed up with Kat’s incessant cackling and unhealthy love of leopard print after all these years, and his brush with death in Redwater made him realise life’s too short? Has Alfie got himself a new woman and banned Kat from seeing her own kids?

Kat framed Alfie?
If Alfie has cheated on her, we don’t reckon Mrs Moon would’ve taken it well. And forget sewing prawns into the curtains and cutting up his floral shirt collection, there’s nothing like a Slater scorned – has Kat framed Alfie for a crime as revenge? And the call she received was from a secret mobile smuggled into prison, and the kids are in care?


Kat covered up the crimes carried out by her killer priest son Dermott from Redwater?
Unlikely. We’d be surprised if he – or the Ireland-set spin-off – ever gets mentioned again. Although we’d quite like the gaps filled in as to how Kat and Alfie went from the Emerald Isle to Spain. Unless Redwater was all a dream?!

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