EastEnders: Mel blackmails Phil by filming their kiss – here’s what happens next

More x-rated CCTV activity in E20 fuelled the Owen/Mitchell feud


EastEnders’ Mel Owen turned the tables on Phil Mitchell tonight by taking a leaf out of her son’s book and secretly filming her seduction of the thug to stop him going after Hunter for defiling his daughter Louise.


Fuming Phil flipped his lid when he saw CCTV footage deliberately set up by Hunter of him sleeping with Lou at the E20 club and stormed into the nightspot brandishing a baseball bat threatening to kill him – knowing full well this was Hunter’s cruel revenge on Phil having learnt he failed to save his dad Steve’s life.

Calming her hard man hubby down, Sharon insisted Phil delete the sleazy sex tape as it incriminates 16-year-old Louise for sleeping with an underage boy, as Hunter is still only 15.


Left alone with Phil at the club office, wily Mel wound Phil around her little finger and began flirting with him, hoping their history (remember that one-night stand at Christmas 2000?) would come in handy as she pulled out all the seductive stops to convince him to leave her boy alone.

Leaning in for a kiss, Mr Mitchell was powerless to resist the blonde’s advances and reciprocated, only for Mel to point out the CCTV camera and warning him to back off from Hunter otherwise she’d show Sharon evidence of their smooch.

In tomorrow’s episode, Hunter apologises to Phil for his behaviour but it’s not enough for the menacing Mitchell who warns him to stay away from his little girl – is Phil risking Mel revealing all to Sharon by pursuing his vendetta against old enemy Steve’s offspring?

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