EastEnders: Hunter makes his move on Louise – but what’s he really up to?

Is there an ulterior motive for seducing Phil's daughter?


EastEnders’ Hunter Owen proves himself to be a chip off the old block this week when he turns on the charm to seduce Louise Mitchell. But is there more to his wooing of Phil’s little girl than she realises?


Hot-headed Hunter got punched in the face on Friday after his attempts at scuppering romance between his mum Mel and Jack Branning backfired, but this week he turns his attentions to his own love life when his relationship with Lou hots up.


On Monday 2 April, Mel storms over to the Mitchells’ to collect Hunter who has gone against her warning to stay away from Phil and crashed the family bank holiday lunch. A showdown between Mel and the Mitchells ensues with drunken Sharon laying into her business partner and souring the atmosphere.

On Thursday 5 April, Lou confides in pal Bex Fowler that hunky Hunter is putting the pressure on for them to sleep together but she’s not ready.

The next day, Friday 6 April, Bex forces Louise to question whether she can trust the teen tearaway but Ms Mitchell has made her mind up and prepares to take things to the next level with loverboy.

She still has doubts, but Hunter turns on the old Owen charm his late dad Steve was so famous for at the E20 relaunch and the couple share a passionate kiss away from their parents’ prying eyes.

But does Hunter take after his father in other ways? Is there a hidden agenda in his courting of Louise or does he genuinely care about her? Let’s just say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

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