EastEnders: Jack punches Hunter in clash over Mel

Someone really doesn't want their mum to get a new boyfriend


Jack Branning’s attempts to woo Mel Owen in EastEnders hit a snag tonight when he accidentally punched her son Hunter in the face, quashing any hope of romance between the classy club owner and ex-copper.


Over-protective Hunter had spent all week trying to scupper his mum’s potential suitor as he swanned around the Square in a swanky car and the promise of dinner in Paris.


Teaming up with Phil Mitchell, the teen tearaway wrecked their date by tampering with the motor ensuring it wouldn’t get any further than the M25, never mind the Champs Elysees.

Tonight, smug schoolboy Hunter deliberately caused aggro between Phil and Jack by manipulating a clash between the blokes in front of Mel to make Mr Branning look bad in his mother’s eyes.


But it backfired when Hunter walked in on the barney he’d orchestrated and ended up getting punched when fuming Jack went to lamp Phil!

Mel flipped at Jack for his violent outburst and tended to her son’s injuries, while Hunter looked rather pleased with himself for putting the potential couple at odds – despite getting bashed.


Next week Hunter is up to more mischief and gets closer to Louise Mitchell as the E20 club prepares for its grand reopening – but what will Phil have to say about that? And what happened to Hunter and Phil being firm friends and joining forces against Jack?

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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