EastEnders reveals Mitch Baker’s big secret

He's been keeping something pretty major from Karen

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EastEnders has tonight revealed that Mitch Baker is withholding a massive secret: he’s actually married! Monday’s episode of the BBC1 soap saw sneaky Mitch pocket his wedding ring as he tried to worm his way back into Karen’s good backs – but will she discover all about his duplicity?


Viewers can now be in little doubt about Mitch’s morals, having already seen him pocket an envelope full of banknotes that had been gifted to Ted by Patrick. But Mitch’s ability to hoodwink those closest to him looks set to land the Taylors in trouble after he charms his way back into Karen’s life.

This evening’s visit to Albert Square saw Keegan get in touch with his errant dad and meet up with him in a local café. After getting to the bottom of Keegan’s current problems at school (the teen tearaway had destroyed a toilet at Walford High), Mitch ended up winning over his son’s teacher after calling her over for a meeting.

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Karen too seemed a little beguiled after realising what Mitch had done for Keegan, little realising that he was also having clandestine phone calls with his partner…

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Tuesday’s instalment of EastEnders will see Karen wake to find Mitch acting like the model father and husband when she finds him doing her ironing. But don’t expect relations to remain harmonious for long: Karen will soon be getting a Mitch-related shock. Is she about to hear the truth about her ex’s relationship status?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of all this week’s drama on EastEnders below


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