EastEnders: Slaters in danger as Annie returns seeking revenge

Kat thought she'd got rid of her, but she's back already…


The fallout of Kat Moon’s death hoax in EastEnders continues this week when Annie Pritchard returns to Walford wanting the cash the Slater family owe her – and from the little we’ve seen of her she doesn’t look like the kind of woman who takes no for an answer…


Annie appeared in Thursday’s chaotic double bill that saw Kat turn up to find the whole Square believing her to be dead, thanks to Mo who made the whole thing up to raise money for a non-existent funeral, planning to swipe the cash and pay off a rich gangster she’d scammed.

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When said gangster’s daughter Annie tipped up wanting her wonga, the Slaters pretended Mo was dead and promised to pay the brummie blonde what she’s owed within the week.

Pictures from Monday’s episode reveal Annie’s not prepared to wait that long as she returns to the Square looking for information on the deceitful family that crossed her. Not realising who she is, Martin Fowler unwittingly tells Annie that Mo is still alive.

Has Martin just signed the Slaters’ death warrant for real? What does Annie have planned for Mo, Kat et al for lying to her? And can the community forgive the girls for conning them?

Annie’s reappearance airs on Monday 26 March at 8pm on BBC1.

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