EastEnders: Kat reveals Alfie’s fate – did he die in Redwater?

Why has she returned to Walford without her husband?

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Kat Moon is officially back in EastEnders, and has revealed why husband Alfie is not with her.


Returning to Walford in a lively double bill tonight, Kat walked straight into Big Mo Harris’s chaotic scam in which her nan pretended Kat was dead to raise money for a non-existent funeral planning to swipe the cash to pay off a rich gangster called Terry she’d swindled.


Aside from the outrageous and furiously farcical antics of trying to get Mo out of trouble by hiding her in a coffin to protect her from Terry’s scary family (just another night with the Slaters…), Kat also addressed Alfie’s absence when Stacey asked after Mr Moon.

Last seen in spin-off Redwater flatlining on the operating table during a life-saving operation, according to Kat her other half is in Spain with their kids, Tommy, Bert and Ernie, and running a bar with “some Russian bloke.”

And the state of their marriage? “We’re on a break,” explained Kat, a steely look in her eyes that gave us the impression she didn’t want to go into details.

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Alfie’s possible return has been heavily debated among fans and in the media since Jessie Wallace’s comeback was announced at Christmas, and with the character confirmed as surviving the Redwater cliffhanger a reappearance from Shane Richie is not out of the question.

In a recent interview with Radio Times magazine, Wallace said she wanted Kat to be single for a while having returned without Alfie, and claimed “It felt weird coming back without Shane. I’m not sure what the writers have in store, but it will be exciting. I’m sure Shane is busy doing other stuff.”

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With or without Alfie, Kat’s return is set to shake up Walford as the Slater women reunite and try to make amends with the community after Mo’s hoax. But will Mo’s big con to a bunch of Brummie gangsters continue to cause trouble for the clan?

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