EastEnders: Jessie Wallace and Lacey Turner reveal their favourite Slater moments

One of them is a no-brainer…

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EastEnders stars Jessie Wallace and Lacey Turner have named their favourite Slater family moments in a new interview ahead of Kat’s big comeback in tonight’s double bill.


Turner confesses she was a fan of the Kat and Alfie episode from 2003 where the couple finally got together after months of will they/won’t they shenanigans, focusing on his farcical attempt to find a condom.

But Wallace goes for perhaps the most iconic moment in her character’s history, the unforgettable “You ain’t my muv-vah… Yes I am!” scene from 2001 in which Kat revealed to Zoe the true nature of their relationship, with Zoe having believed they were sisters her whole life up to that point.

Gillian Wright, who made her own return as Stacey’s mum Jean Walters this week, also appears in the interview clip, as the trio of actresses tease what fans can expect from the Slaters’ on-screen reunion cemented tonight with Kat arriving in Albert Square, only to discover the Queen Vic is holding her wake…

How wil she react when she learns her gobby gran Big Mo Harris has told everyone she’s dead?

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