EastEnders: Stacey and Mo reveal plans for Kat’s funeral – watch the brand-new scene

The Slaters are in for a shock tonight

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Stacey and Mo are in for a big surprise on tonight’s EastEnders when they find out that they have to stump up £5,000 in advance of her funeral.


Scenes to be shown this evening see the Slaters told by Jay that they need to find a 50 per cent deposit ahead of Kat’s send-off – news that leaves an already agitated Stacey looking even more distressed.

As can be seen from this brand-new clip released by the BBC, Stacey and Mo’s requests are very particular (including a leopard-skin lining for the coffin). But might there be more to the story of Kat’s death than meets the eye?

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After all, Jessie Wallace is set to make a return to EastEnders later this week, while Laila Morse had this to say about Mo’s announcement of Kat’s demise:

“Dear old Mo, she’s in a lot of trouble. She’s such a piece of work. Mo doesn’t give a monkey’s what she’s doing as long as she’s earning a few quid. She’s a very evil lady – if she was one of my relatives, I think I might do her in!”

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Send off.

Stacey and Mo plan to send Kat off in style. Style comes at a price though! ?Don't miss BBC EastEnders tonight at 8PM.??#RIPKAT

Posted by BBC EastEnders on Monday, March 19, 2018