EastEnders: will Aidan kill Mick? Here’s what happens next!

Find out how the Queen Vic landlord fights back in next week's episodes

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Mick Carter has been left in fear of his life on tonight’s EastEnders after gangster Aidan Maguire told him that he was “a dead man”.


Scenes just shown saw the Queen Vic landlord left on the back foot after wife Linda disobeyed Aidan’s orders and brought the police to the door of the Walford boozer.

Friday’s episode found investigating officers raiding the pub and arresting the drug dealers who have been operating out of the gents’ toilets. When Mick realised that Linda was responsible, he decided to take the blame in a confrontation with Aidan.

Solidarity among the Carter clan then saw Shirley step forward to say that it was her who called the police. But as Linda watched Aidan start to lose patience, she eventually admitted everything and put Aidan in his place.

Despite Linda’s show of confidence, cliffhanger scenes saw Aidan demand back the money he feels he’s owed otherwise he’ll end Mick’s life!

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Next week’s episodes see Mick tempted to go to extreme lengths in order to get rid of Aidan Maguire  – even going to the extent of considering using the services of a hitman!

Mick will reach breaking point after discovering that Aidan has doused the Queen Vic in petrol and left him a note to say that he has mere days to get him the money he feels he’s owed.

But Mick isn’t the only one who’s had enough of the Irish hard man: Mel, too, is fed up with Aidan’s influence and tells Mick that she can provide the number of someone who can get rid of him once and for all.

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In the end, though, it’s Linda who influences Mick’s decision on the matter. Scenes to be shown on Tuesday 6 March see Linda learn that Aidan has threatened the lives of her and Mick’s children. In a desperate state, she insists to Mick that they make the call – Aidan needs to go.

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Tense scenes then find Mick anxiously making the acquaintance of the man who could very end up terminating Aidan’s life. As Linda secretly listens in, the hitman has a friendly chat with Mick and asks him if this is what he really wants…

So what will Mick decide to do? Is he about to cross the rubicon and resort to murder to put a halt to Aidan’s malign influence?

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