EastEnders reveals whether Kim and Denise are really sisters

The DNA result is in...

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EastEnders has put the Fox family back together again after revealing that Kim and Denise are actually biological sisters after all.


Doubt was cast last year as to whether the pair were siblings after drunken mum Emerald admitted that Denise had been brought home as a baby by her uncle.

As Denise reeled, Emerald then confessed that she didn’t know who Denise’s mother and father were!

However, current show bosses have obviously had a rethink as regards Denise’s family tree, with DNA test results proving that Emerald’s claims were, in fact, a lie.

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Friday’s episode of the BBC1 soap saw Kim find a bag of hers that Pearl had been playing with, only to be left stunned when she saw that the DNA results letter was inside.

Deciding to prepare for both possible outcomes, Kim then prepared both a celebratory card and a sympathy card, writing in the latter that she was sorry that Denise was not her sister.

Complications then ensued after Denise got the wrong end of the stick and clocked just the sympathy card before rushing off.

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A tenders heart to heart later in the episode found Kim then explaining the mix-up, revealing that she had a card for both outcomes. Denise, though, made the decision that the result didn’t matter and that she doesn’t want to know.

As Kim accepted that Emerald just wanted to stir up trouble, she and Denise opted to shred the letter, but before they could do so, they were interrupted by Patrick.

True to form, Kim found herself unable to resist the temptation to take a peek. And – sure enough – the evidence in black and white showed that the Foxes had been blood relations all along.

As Kim, Denise and Patrick celebrated, Walford devotees breathed a sigh of relief that the soap had come to its senses and reestablished the link between two of its most well-loved characters.

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