EastEnders confirms that Hayley IS a secret Slater!

Newcomer Hayley is actually Stacey's cousin

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EastEnders has revealed that mysterious new character Hayley (Katie Jarvis) is in fact the cousin of Stacey (Lacey Turner), thus confirming that she is a secret member of the Slater family.


Speaking on Tuesday, Katie Jarvis said:  “I am really excited to join a team of such lovely, talented people and become part of such an iconic show.

“I’ve always loved the Slater family so being the newest member, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. It’s going to be so much fun and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for Hayley.”

EastEnders - Hayley Porter

Tuesday’s episode saw Martin take young Arthur and Hope for the day and meet up with Hayley in the local park. Swayed by Hayley’s influence, Martin ended up keeping the kids for a time than had been agreed with Stacey.

But Martin’s decision backfired terribly when Stacey turned up at the house later on with police, who suggested that the Fowlers get a solicitor involved to sort out their access issues.

As soon became apparent, Hayley had deliberately schemed against Martin to land him in trouble and paint him in a bad light.

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Later on, Hayley was seen secretly reminding Stacey: “We’re Slaters, ain’t we? Fight dirty when we have to. Ain’t no shame in that. See you, cuz.”

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As fans of the BBC1 soap have previously seen, Hayley appears to have been sent to the Square on a secret mission to ruin Martin’s life following the break-up of his marriage to Stacey.

Who is pulling Hayley’s strings remains to be seen, but speculation is rife that Kat, Mo and Jean could be behind the plot, seeing as all three are making an upcoming return to Walford…

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