EastEnders betrayal: Phil discovers that Sharon took the heist cash?

Tensions rise at the Mitchells' next week

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Jay shouts and Phil and Sharon. Phil Mitchell (STEVE MCFADDEN) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Jack Barnes

Is EastEnders hard man Phil Mitchell about to discover that it was wife Sharon who double crossed him earlier this year when she snatched the haul from the New Year’s Day heist?


Fans of the BBC1 soap already know that Sharon was the one who took the money from under the noses of Aidan’s gang, but it looks as though Phil could be piecing together the clues very soon indeed.

Next week’s episodes see Phil return from a visit to see Ben, only to be left fuming when he finds that Sharon has reopened the club and given Mel the job of manager.

Sharon and Mel’s business venture has not gone unnoticed by Aidan either, who is demanding to know where the Mitchells secured the funds to get the club back in business.

EastEnders - January-April 2018 - 5667

As Phil turns detective, he runs into the van driver who was behind the wheel at the time of the bungled robbery. Following their conversation, Phil starts to link the clues and ends up leaving a voicemail for a panicked Sharon, who starts to realise that her husband could now be in possession of the true facts.

EastEnders - January-April 2018 - 5668

So has Phil rumbled his missus? And will Aidan be following on close behind?

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