EastEnders’ Courtney Mitchell set for Game of Thrones role

Alice Nokes could be heading for Westeros

Alice Noakes as Courtney Mitchell in EastEnders

Alice Nokes – best known to fans of EastEnders as Grant and Tiffany Mitchell’s daughter Courtney – is swapping East London for West… er… os, as it emerges she has landed a role in the final series of Game of Thrones.


According to Nokes’s agency CV (as first spotted by Thrones fan site Watchers on the Wall), she will be playing a character named Willa in an episode directed by David Nutter who is helming the first, second and fourth instalments in the six-part series (and won an Emmy for his work on the season five finale).

But who is Willa? Well, there are a couple of possible candidates from earlier in the series.

First up, there’s Willa the daughter of Karsi, the Wildling leader who fans will remember fought bravely at the Battle of Hardhome but was eventually killed and raised from the dead as one of the Night King’s wights.

Willa and her older sister Johnna escaped on one of the boats out of Hardhome and as far as we know are still alive. But Willa looked no more than seven or eight at the time and Nokes is now 19. Sure, she could play a few years younger but even then it would mean eight or more years must have passed since Hardhome, which seems far too long.

The other possible Willa is really a Wylla (pronounced Whyla by Sean Bean in the series), the woman Ned Stark claimed was Jon Snow’s mother but who we now know was not. Could she appear in a flashback?

Possibly – after all, Willa could be a mis-spelling on Nokes’s CV. And, who knows, that could even mean a return for Ned himself, which would make a lot of Thrones fans very happy…


RadioTimes.com contacted Alice Nokes’s agent for comment.