EastEnders: Sharon’s got the money – but here are 10 big questions following tonight’s reveal

Phil’s wife confessed to Mel and left us with more than a few loose ends


EastEnders has finally revealed who took the money from the heist – Sharon Mitchell.


After weeks of accusations among Aidan Maguire and his gang, the riddle was resolved when Sharon confessed to Mel Owen, who was convinced Phil was hiding the haul, that she had taken the money right under her husband’s nose.

The motive was explained as Sharon wanting to protect her own interests while Phil shut her out of his criminal activities and focused on feathering his offsprings’ nests rather than ensure his wife and stepson were properly looked after.

While the twist finally put the audience out of its misery, and placed the women of Walford back on top (about time too, we’d had enough of macho Aidan’s Tarantino-esque antics as he wagged his finger at a load of blokes in dimly-lit rooms), there are still some burning questions hanging in the air…

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Is Ciara actually Steve Owen’s sister?
Mel shed more light on the enigmatic Ciara Maguire when she told Sharon that Aidan’s ex was her sister-in-law. So who’s the sibling that links them? Is Ciara the secret sister of Steve Owen? Married to Mel’s vicar brother Alex? Or did Mel remarry in the intervening years?

What did Mel do to Ciara?
If Ciara’s faaaaamily, how come she’s holding Mel’s son Hunter hostage, who must be her sort-of nephew? When quizzed by Shaz about her relationship with Ciara, Mel wouldn’t be drawn. What’s the story between the Owens and the Maguires?

When did Sharon take the money?
Ben took it from the Arches, then packed it and boarded a boat bound for Calais, then it was gone. So at some point before Ben’s moonlight flit his stepmum sneaked in and swiped it. Was that the night Phil’s son left? Or was she hiding out on the ferry and did it while Ben was buying duty free?

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How did Phil call Ben when he threw his phone into the sea?
Phil grabbed Jay’s phone and called his son, but didn’t Ben chuck his mobile in the English Channel as he made his fresh start in France? Did he dive down and retrieve it? He probably got a new phone, but with so many red herrings we need clarification on his new price plan. Was he eligible for a handset upgrade?

Why did Sharon let Mick get tortured?
When her husband was kidnapped by Aidan’s heavies and whisked off to be tortured somewhere, to whom did Linda turn? Her bestie, Sharon, who let L have a nervous breakdown while she feared for Mick’s life when she had the money all along. What kind of mate does that?

Where is the money now?
It’s not the in the safe. And there can’t be many places Aidan hasn’t scoured in the last few weeks in his endless search for the stash. So what’s Sharon done with it? Put it in the attic with her demo tapes from The Banned and her vacuum-packed fluffy pink jumpers?


Is Phil in on it?
This is (perhaps deliberately) slightly unclear – yesterday Phil implied he knew who had the money when he told Sharon he hoped Aidan never found out the truth, “’Cos it’d be a bloodbath.” But Sharon’s independent woman speech to Mel suggests he’s in the dark too, and his worry for Ben certainly backs that up.

Will Mel betray Sharon?
The blondes bonded over being single mums to kids from dead dads (that sounds like a fun support group waiting to be formed) and seemed pretty pally by the time Sharon came clean, but can she really trust Mel? Who’s to say the gangster’s widow doesn’t have her own agenda that involves shopping Shazza?

How will they put Aidan off the scent?
Aidan’s given Phil 10 days to find the money (has Patrick Bergin gone back to Hollywood for a holiday?) but the menacing man in the hat will be back – so what happens then? Sharon and Mel team up and concoct a cock-and-bull story?


How did Sharon get her hands on all those back issues of the Walford Gazette?
Of all the questions, this is the biggest: when Ben popped open the case at Calais customs the banknotes had been replaced with stacks of newspapers. Where did Sharon find so many copies of the Walford Gazette at short notice? Did she mug Bernadette Taylor during her paper round?

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