EastEnders: Lauren and Abi dead in dramatic Christmas cliffhanger?

The Branning sisters took a tumble from the Queen Vic roof – will they survive?

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EastEnders’ Lauren and Abi Branning plunged to their possible deaths in tonight’s dramatic Christmas Day episode as their attempt to save dad Max from suicide resulted in them falling from the roof of the Queen Vic.


In a highly-charged scene where Max teetered on the edge of the ledge, where his son Bradley had met his maker back in 2010, Abi and Lauren forgave their father for his misdemeanours which had been exposed throughout the explosive episode, including leaving Jane Beale to perish in a fire and being responsible for the death of Steven Beale – Lauren’s ex and the father of Abi’s baby.

Mum Tanya had made a surprise return to the Square and planned to leave with her girls to start a new life away from toxic Max and his machinations.

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But as Max realised he’d gone too far and threatened to throw himself from a great height, Abi and Lauren ran to stop him – only for the slippery surface and howling wind to push them off the edge and onto the concrete below. With both Jacqueline Jossa (Lauren) and Lorna Fitzgerald (Abi) leaving the show over the festive season, it’s unclear whether either character will survive…

Speaking of the shock twist, Jossa said: “When you know you’re leaving, you think: ‘Well it better be on Christmas Day, and I better be falling off the Vic! Come on!’ You don’t want the taxi, you want it to be big, to be huge, for people to be talking about it and obviously it’s going to be something that everyone remembers. I’m absolutely buzzing about it!”

In terms of filming the dramatic stunt, Fitzgerald sums it up in one word: “Wet!”

“It was freezing cold, it was the middle of the night” recalls Jossa. “We had to fall onto some boxes which were quite high up, about 10 feet. Lorna wasn’t scared at all, but in fairness she could see where she was falling and I had to fall backwards!”

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Jake Wood (Max) was full of praise for his on-screen daughter’s bravery: “They built a platform and the had to fall off the back of the roof onto some boxes. It was quite high. I wouldn’t have done it!”

Fans will have to wait for Boxing Day to see if the Branning sisters survive, or whether Max’s actions have led to losing both his girls…


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