EastEnders: Lily tells Carmel that Stacey hit Arthur – what happens next?

Concerned Carmel takes drastic action, and the consequences will be huge


Stacey Fowler’s suitability as a parent was called into question once again in tonight’s EastEnders when Carmel Kazemi made an alarming discovery after a shock admission from Stacey’s young daughter Lily.


Already concerned by the bruises she found on grandson Arthur’s arms earlier this week, interfering Carmel offered to help Stace look after the kids but with the clear ulterior motive of keeping an eye on her and how she’s coping.

It’s certainly been an eventful few weeks for Stacey, with the possibility her son has inherited dad Kush’s rare heart condition followed by a desperate hospital dash after a seizure brought on by taking his mother’s bi-polar medication cast suspicion on the pregnant Mrs Fowler’s state of mind, as did her violent outburst towards Lily witnessed by Mrs Kazemi.


As Carmel chatted to Lily in private and tried to broach the subject of mummy’s unstable moods in tonight’s episode, she quizzed the little girl if she’d noticed her baby brother’s bruises. When Lily nervously replied she she had, Carmel gently asked if she knew how he’d got them – and once Lil told her that her mum was responsible for hurting Arthur, horrified Carm’s worst fears that Stacey was a danger to her children seemed to be confirmed…

Next week, Carmel reveals to Kush she took drastic action and called social services to voice her worries about the kids’ safety with an increasingly-stressed Stacey. But when it transpires there could be another explanation for Arthur’s injuries, panicked Carmel realises the wheels are already in motion for the authorities to investigate her accusations and Stacey faces the possibility of losing her children.


“It’s horrendous,” reveals Bonnie Langford, who plays Carmel, teasing what happens when Stacey questions who reported her, unaware how close to home the answer lies. “Carmel completely empathises with Stacey and regrets what she has done. Being both a mother and an older woman, Carmel knows it’s not right to keep what she’s done from Stacey, but who would benefit from sharing this information now? She’s made a mistake but coming clean at this point would not be best for anyone.

“Carmel was only trying to help and she thinks that she’s being useful in calling social services, but she should have checked her facts. Although, you can’t totally blame her – what if she was right?  To Carmel, each time she’s seen Stacey recently all the signs to her are that Stacey is not coping – Martin hasn’t been around and she’s without a support network and she saw Stacey lose her temper. So it looks to Carmel like she’s really struggling.  Something could be happening behind closed doors, so Carmel could be forgiven for her actions.”

Will Carmel own up she reported Stacey? What is the real reason for the bruises on Arthur’s arms? And what secret from Carmel’s past that haunts her pushed the gobby granny into taking such drastic action?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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