EastEnders: Linda drops bombshell news on Mick

The Carters face a new ordeal next week


Linda will finally tell Mick about her cervical cancer in next week’s EastEnders. But is the Queen Vic landlady right to be concerned that her illness has returned?


Up to this point, Linda has kept the state of her health from Mick, but events look set to come to a head after Woody notices that she’s in pain.

As Woody encourages Linda to confide in her husband, she explains that she doesn’t want to ruin things between them again and soon admits that she has the same symptoms she had before her original diagnosis.


Pretty soon, though, a worried Mick has realised that his wife is acting in a strange manner and Linda finally admits the truth – she had cancer and it might be back.


Scenes to be shown on Thursday 12 October see Mick struggling to process the bombshell news, but eventually realising that he needs to get Linda to a doctor as soon as possible.

Show bosses are currently keeping the medics’ findings a secret, but when the Carters return to the pub, Mick realises that Woody knew all along – cue a huge falling out between the pair.

So will Linda’s secrecy end up testing her marriage as Mick flies off the handle?


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