EastEnders: what is Willmott-Brown’s big plan for Albert Square? Our top theories!

Dagmar Land, anyone?

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EastEnders has yet to reveal what exactly it is that James Willmott-Brown has in store for Walford – but apparently it’s “much more interesting” than just bulldozing existing properties and putting apartments in their place. Tonight’s episode saw the upper-class rotter dismiss the very idea in a business meeting with his son Luke – but remained cryptic as to what his real plan actually was. However, this hasn’t stopped us guessing. So might he go for one of these options?


Dagmar Land

Weyland & Co turn the entire Square into a wine-bar themed amusement park with Sade blasting out of speakers, guest appearances by Wicksy, Campari and Dubonnet served all night long and punters handed a Motorola DynaTAC upon arrival. Try burning THAT down, Dirty Den.

Willmott-Brown brings everyone back

JWB wants to replace all 2017 characters with those from the mid to late-1980s. So Doctor Legg reopens his surgery, Saaed and Naima take over at the Minute Mart, OzCabs picks up Uber’s licence and Mary Smith ousts Donna and gets a vintage punk clothes stall on Bridge Street market.

Kathy Shrine

Deluded Willmott-Brown is still creepily obsessed with Kathy (as we saw with that bouquet), so has now commissioned a statue to be built of her. The Queen Vic will then be renamed the Queen Kath, Albert Square becomes Kath Square and Walford East tube station becomes Kathy East.

The 1980s’ high street

Instead of modernising the east end, Willmott-Brown instead wants to take it back in time. Expect a Betamax rental store to be opening soon, along with new branches of Rumbelows, Chelsea Girl, C&A, plus a new job for Winston in Our Price.

He’s managing The Banned


Willmott-Brown actually has his eye on the Christmas Number One and has secretly signed Sharon to record a new version of Something Outta Nothing. Kelvin (who was – in fact – mentioned earlier this year) returns in November. But can Ian let bygones by bygones and be convinced to pick up his drum kit again?